What happens with my health if lock down happens again?

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So most of us went a little crazy with lockdown. Pizza, beer, drinking and not enough moving. We all got a little bit bigger and not in a good way.

So many things in life suddenly dropped away. Consistency went away from life. Well, apart from staring at the same walls every day!

Consistency is the biggest aspect of long term health and fitness. It is better to do a little often than to do a lot and drop. Of course our programming is designed to be done at home with hardly any gym kit, but what if you haven’t jumped on the Caber bandwagon? 

Here is our top 3 tips to keep healthy if you can’t go to the gym and hate to run!


  1. TOUCH. Find a healthy touchstone. What we mean here is this… have something that is super easy to do (while hung over) and makes you feel better about yourself. This can be as simple as drinking 1L of water in the morning, having a go to simple breakfast that is really healthy (not cereal and toast ladies and gentleman).
  2. TIME. Decide on an easy routine. This is not your workout routine, but something that keeps you in some sort of routine. Examples are: get up every day at the same time (every night is Friday night, every morning is Monday morning) and read or sit outside for 5 mins, be sure to walk for 15 mins every day (can be broken up over the day, not steps but leave your phone and walk), or call a friend every day at a set time (switch up friends so they don’t think you are a stalker).
  3. MOVE!!! Like we said we have a program that is designed to work in lockdown or out, but you can do a lot with youtube and a desire to move. Look up the Fitness Marshall, hit up simple yoga, google “rucking”. Do something that gets your heart rate up and blood flowing 3 times a week. 

Remember the goal is to stay sane, enjoy life, and make the most of each day. Don’t get caught up in guilt if you have a bad day or make a bad choice. Get up, dust off and move forward. Health is just making more deposits in your body’s bank account than withdrawals.

We are always here to help in any way we can.

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