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Our on demand sessions cover our main programme:

  • Endurance work (build your heart and lungs)
  • Strength (build lean muscle and strengthen joints)
  • Speed (only way to be able to move fast is to try and move fast)
  • Power (learn to apply your strength quick. Think swinging a bat, kicking a ball, digging in the garden)
  • Game Day (test your whole fitness)
  • Warm ups
  • Cool downs

This can be done in 30 mins per day with a single sandbag and a resistance band!

We also have extra work that you can add on if you want.

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Trunk (we don’t call it core. Apples are cores and they go soft. You want a strong trunk like a tree!)
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Barbell tracks
  • Grunt work (simple, effective whole body work)

Personal coaching is arranged between you and your coach for life.

Coached online live class

Monday: 10am and 630pm

Tuesday: 10am and 6pm

Wednesday: 10am and 630pm

Thursday: 10am and 6pm

Friday: 10am and 630pm

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